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Luftgekuhlt 4 by Butzi

Luftgekuhlt 4, what a day!imageHello Porsche fans and car enthusiasts alike. This past weekend we attended “the” air cooled Porsche event Luftgekuhlt! It was an amazing event held out side of LA in San Pedro, California. Some of the most beautiful and rare Porsches were on display and their owners, builders, drivers and such were close by to discuss details and to say hi.


My fiancé Jocelyn, my friends and I had a blast. I caught up with friends in the industry and really enjoyed myself in good company. Hope to see you at the next event.


Enjoy some highlights from the event and feel free to share with your friends! Please credit photos when posting & sharing.



Porsche Service

Butzi Gear 993 Service

Complete 90k mile service and lots of TLC was performed on this beautiful 993. This client came in with a leaky yet very loved 993. After inspection we found multiple leaks, a few broken parts, a weak clutch and a host of other things that needed some attention. After a 500 mile check up it’s going stronger than ever and will be enjoyed for the summer and years to come!

If your Porsche is in need of a look through or service, don’t hesitate to contact us. info@butzigear.com