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2015 butzi gear performance ad

Need parts? We can help! Just email what you need info@butzigear.com!

We sell all major brands at excellent prices. We are available to discuss your projects in full detail, order and professionally install your parts.

OEM & Aftermarket Parts

Engine Builds


Engine Parts


Forced Induction

Turbo Systems







Fabrication & Welding

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Phone: 203-216-0951

Email: info@butzigear.com


2015 butzi gear styling ad

Automotive styling is an art. There are fine lines that should not be crossed when redefining & enhancing the identity of high-end vehicles. We confide in the experience of trusted professionals at select body enhancement manufacturers to provide us with the best products to customize your vehicles. We source and install the best parts available.

OEM Upgrades

Carbon Fiber Parts

Full Body Enhancements

Front Spoiler

Side Skirt

Aero Wing


Motorsport Parts

Custom Parts

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Phone: 203-216-0951

Email: info@butzigear.com


2015 butzi gear suspension adIf you are looking for a proper suspension system for your street, track or show car, we can help! We have over 20 years experience working with a wide variety of suspension systems. We can source and install the right parts for your vehicle.

OEM Replacements

Coilover Suspension

Air Ride Suspension


Corner Balance

Custom Suspension Adjustments & Set Up

Please contact us to discuss your suspension needs.

Phone: 203-216-0951

Email: info@butzigear.com

Custom BBS Motorsport Wheels

2015 butzi gear wheel buildBUTZI GEAR x BBS are working together to bring you completely custom BBS Motorsport wheels. We specialize in designing & building custom, aggressive, motorsport wheels for the true motorsport enthusiast.

Custom colors, finishes & configurations are available for all BBS Motorsport wheels.

Phone: 203-216-0951

Email: info@butzigear.com