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2015 butzi gear interior ad

High quality interior upgrades for your street, track or show car will truly enhance your driving experience! We have over 20 years experience working with building and installing aftermarket seats, harnesses, roll bars, steering wheels, adapters, short shifters and more. We can source and install the right parts for your vehicle.

OEM Replacement Parts

Aftermarket Seats, Wheels, Knobs, Shifters, Harnesses, Roll Bars

Suede, Leather, Carbon Fiber Parts

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Phone: 203-216-0951

Email: info@butzigear.com


2015 butzi gear suspension adIf you are looking for a proper suspension system for your street, track or show car, we can help! We have over 20 years experience working with a wide variety of suspension systems. We can source and install the right parts for your vehicle.

OEM Replacements

Coilover Suspension

Air Ride Suspension


Corner Balance

Custom Suspension Adjustments & Set Up

Please contact us to discuss your suspension needs.

Phone: 203-216-0951

Email: info@butzigear.com

Black Friday Sale 2014

The BUTZIGEAR Black Friday Sale on through 12/2/2014.

Check it out!

2014 Butzi Gear Black Friday Sale

2014 Butzi Gear Black Friday Sale

15% Off All BBS Motorsport wheels

15% Off all forged fifteen52 wheels

10% Off all Fikse Forged wheels

10% Off all KW Porsche coilover suspension

10% Off all Tarett Engineering mono ball mounts & more

20% Off all complete wheel builds Now through April 1, 2015.

Email: info@butzigear.com for more info/pricing

Custom BBS Motorsport Wheels

2015 butzi gear wheel buildBUTZI GEAR x BBS are working together to bring you completely custom BBS Motorsport wheels. We specialize in designing & building custom, aggressive, motorsport wheels for the true motorsport enthusiast.

Custom colors, finishes & configurations are available for all BBS Motorsport wheels.

Phone: 203-216-0951

Email: info@butzigear.com

Porsche Service

Butzi Gear 993 Service

Complete 90k mile service and lots of TLC was performed on this beautiful 993. This client came in with a leaky yet very loved 993. After inspection we found multiple leaks, a few broken parts, a weak clutch and a host of other things that needed some attention. After a 500 mile check up it’s going stronger than ever and will be enjoyed for the summer and years to come!

If your Porsche is in need of a look through or service, don’t hesitate to contact us. info@butzigear.com

BBS E88 For Porsche

Butzi Gear BBS e88 gold

With a great demand from our clients and enthusiasts alike to replace their worn and cracked magnesium BBS E28s, we are currently working with BBS Motorsport to build and sell BBS Motorsport E88 wheels for the Porsche 964 (and other models).

The E88s are made from forged aluminum, feature scalloped spokes for weight savings and are MUCH stronger and reliable than the Magnesium E28.

If you are interested in a set please contact us. info@butzigear.com or visit: The BUTZI GEAR Store

Auto Parts

2015 butzi gear suspension adBUTZI GEAR is a reseller of most major brands. Whether you are in need of OEM parts, factory motorsport parts, or the best aftermarket parts & accessories we can help.  We offer excellent prices, personalized service, support & worldwide shipping.

Here are just a few of the brands we offer, if you don’t see what you need please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Phone: 203-216-0951

Email: info@butzigear.com

2014 Reseller Logo1


Fikse Wheels

Fikse Wheels

BUTZI GEAR has forged a great working relationship with FIKSE FORGED Wheels. We have always loved the timeless design and race proven characteristics of FIKSE Wheels and are happy to bring them to you.

Please contact us to design, build and fit your custom wheels today.