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Rebel Rook 911

2015 butzi gear bill fikse 996 c4sRebel Rook 911 – 996 C4S RWD – #rebelrook911

Our West Coast partner, Bill, has one beautiful, black 996 C4s. Bill has done some amazing things with his car. His passion as a do-it-yourselfer is truly inspiring. From the custom vinyl stickers he designs, hand cuts and applies to his beloved 911, the rear wheel drive conversion he completed in his home garage, to the high level of detailing and maintenance that he performs on his own… Bill is a testament to the true Porsche 911 owner and enthusiast. Keep it up my friend, she looks perfect. Enjoy!



Fikse Wheels

Fikse Wheels

BUTZI GEAR has forged a great working relationship with FIKSE FORGED Wheels. We have always loved the timeless design and race proven characteristics of FIKSE Wheels and are happy to bring them to you.

Please contact us to design, build and fit your custom wheels today.